We at Loudoun Valley Roofing consider no job too small and we probably do more roof repair than any other company in Western Loudoun. We fully understand that money does not grow on trees and that these are hard times economically for many. We will always recommend what you should do, but please do not hesitate to ask us to offer money-saving options or phasing(partial roofs). As we have no commissioned personnel, we have no reason to inflate repairs or any other work.

Weather Damage

25 years in the business has taught us that a reasonable fee can be and has been established that deals with over 90% of the problems we encounter. It is also our minimum fee. The base fee includes up to 26 shingles/one bundle/a 3×10 area. There is then a set rate for each additional bundle. Under this program, you will never authorize more than agreed. Our men know the guidelines of the program-up to 1 hour for two men fob last jobsite and a material allowance. If for any reason they arrive and see that the work cannot be done under the base guideline, they will do nothing(unless you say it is more important to fix the problem or pay a reduced temporary repair fee) and a written estimate for total cost will be generated.. You do not need to miss work to use our service. Just authorize the repairs and we mail bills.

Repairs are guaranteed for one year per normal industry practice.. The guarantee of blow-offs is difficult in that the majority are done in cold and windy weather where there will be no inherent sealing ability of the shingle, and roof cement spot sealing does little better. We do put spot cement on the shingles that we disturb to make the repairs(all shingles are nailed twice, first just below the next upper tab and then again with the second course above. We must remove both these rows of nails to replace a shingle. In the act of nailing the new and renailing those disturbed, the shingles get a temporary memory in the raised position due to the cold that cement will simply not hold. To the right is a shop drawing we made to help explain this further. The problem with spot cement is also that you are cementing to a shingle that sooner or later ends at a row that you don’t cement. If this shingle later blows off, the cement compounds repairs.

Some of the above is confusing, I know. Simple fact is that shingles tend to blow off in the same areas due to house orientation and topographical conditions. Recorded wind speeds are a poor indicator as they are recorded at limited locations and at ground or mostly lower levels (We cannot verify the levels). Three story winds are definitely stronger than those at two or single levels. Houses in open fields or at the upper side of hills get hit harder as well. Entire areas of Loudoun County regularly record or simply get higher wind speeds than others.

We can prove whether our work was faulty. This can be done on an appointment basis or pictures. If it is our fault, we will stand behind it like just about everything else we do. If you receive a note on your first bill that the roof is high-nailed, I’m afraid we cannot guarantee any of the work. High-nailing is the predominant cause of blow-offs and we cannot be held responsible for a roof that we did not install.

Routine Leaking Roof Repair

The same minimum fee applies to most leaks and the fee guidelines do not change. Again,you do not usually need to be home. Remember, we are sending experienced mechanics to your home. If we cannot find the leak or are in doubt which is unusual, we will do nothing and schedule an appointment. If we have not fixed your leak(leak re-occurs), we will also schedule an appointment. If this does not work, or if it subsequently becomes obvious that additional work is needed, we will price that work which you may agree to or give you your money back. If you will put us in the general vicinity of the leak—main roof, garage roof, addition for example, front or rear, left, center, right—we will find the problem for our fee 90% of the time.

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