Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a repair?

Loudoun Valley Roofing offers a standard, one-hour service call at a reasonable, flat rate. This service contract covers up to 26 shingles over a 3×10 sq. ft. area. If the repair will require more than one-hour, we’ll provide an estimate before we begin the work to ensure you’re comfortable with the rate. While our repair rates are a flat fee, they do vary from one region to another due to variable factors that affect our overhead. To get an exact quote on a repair rate for your area, get in touch with our professional, courteous office staff today.

Do you charge for estimates for roof replacement?

No. Estimates for a new roof are complimentary.

What is our time frame for repairs?

Most minor repairs can be completed within an hour. However, if we arrive for a basic service call and discover the repairs will take more time and materials, we provide an estimate based on our findings.

What is our time frame for roof replacements?

We usually complete a roof replacement within two weeks. However, our delivery time does depend on current weather and workload. We are able to give a more accurate completion date with our estimate.

Is it more cost-effective to repair or re-roof?

Roof-related problems can often be quickly and affordably solved with a repair. However, there are times when it becomes more cost-effective to replace your roof. Here are a few things to consider when deciding between a roof repair and a roof tear-off and replacement:

The life expectancy of your existing roofing materials

Different materials have different lifespans. If your existing roof still has a third or more of its life expectancy ahead of it and the damages aren’t expensive, a repair is often more cost-effective. If, on the other hand, your roof only has a few years left on its expected lifespan, a replacement will be more cost-effective.

A cost-benefit analysis of repairs versus replacement

If your roof is in good condition with nine or more years left to its lifespan, and the cost of the repairs is 20% less than the cost of replacement, a repair is more cost-effective. If the roof has fewer than six years, the cost of repairs should be 10% of the replacement costs. If your roof is going to need to be replaced in a few years anyway, you’re often better off using the damage as an opportunity to go ahead and invest in a new roof.

What are the most common causes of roof damage?

Loose and blown off shingles are small vulnerabilities in your roof that lead to leaks and major damage down the line if left untended. Loose, dry-rotted pipe collars and loose, rusted flashing also contribute to leaks and roof damage. During the winter, ice damming and heavy snows create problems for homeowners. One of the most overlooked culprits to roof damage is dirty dryer vents. When homeowners don’t clean rooftop dryer vents, they begin to condensate and create leaks.

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