Emergency Roof Services

In a roofing emergency, the last thing you need is more stress

Whether you’ve been through a hail storm or high winds, a roofing emergency creates a panic. Anxiety is a perfectly normal response to a frightening ordeal, and a seriously damaged roof is cause for concern. It puts your home at the mercy of the elements and can leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Loudoun Valley’s craftsmen have decades of experience responding to roofing emergencies caused by wind, hail, storms, and other common weather conditions in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. We’ve dealt with animal damage and lightning strikes, fire damage and fallen trees. We’ve spent our career helping homeowners like you get a roof back over your head.

Our family-owned business is built on the principle of treating our customers as an extended member of our family, and that means being on hand in your time of need. We’re committed to providing expedient, knowledgeable roofing services that ease your anxiety in the aftermath of a roofing emergency.

More importantly, we’re committed to being around long after your repairs are completed. Unlike fly-by-night companies that chase storms and disappear, Loudoun Valley Roofing is a local business with a reputation for professionalism and reliability. We do the repairs right the first time because you’re more than a customer – you’re a valued member of our community.

emergency roof services

“Working under the conditions that they worked under, rain, storms, tornado warnings, was no easy task, but the roof is beautiful. The guys did a great job and we appreciate it very much. Please thank them for us.”

Vickie and Mark

Prompt Service

Loudoun Valley Roofing responds to your roofing emergency within 24 hours under most circumstances.

Reliable Estimates

Our family-owned business has a vested interest in preserving the trust of local homeowners and builders.

Guaranteed Repairs

We offer a one-year guarantee on roofing repairs and stand behind our high-quality work.

What to expect in the aftermath of large-scale storm events

While we’d love to be able to be everywhere at once, in the aftermath of a massive storm event, we are often inundated with calls. Under these circumstances, it’s impossible to schedule individual appointments. We have to be able to nimbly respond to large groups of customers, and that can impact our schedule. To facilitate fast service under these trying conditions, we operate using group tickets. This allows us to cover more territory in a day.

When events have been catastrophic, our standard one-hour repair service may not be possible. In that case, our employees are instructed to do everything they can to get your home as watertight as possible during that hour at a reduced rate. They’ll get pictures and take measurements and provide data to a foreman to make a formal estimate of the necessary repairs.

Due to high volumes of calls, it may take longer than usual to get an estimate to you. Please trust that we are working double-time to respond to all of the members of our community who need our services.

Loudoun Valley Roofing