Roof Repairs

The best time to repair your roof is yesterday

Sometimes roof damage is easy to spot: missing shingles, a leaking skylight, a sagging roofline. Usually, homeowners spot deterioration in the wake of a vicious storm or a brutal winter. However, evidence of roof degradation is often present long before the first symptoms make themselves known.

Spotting signs of damage and deterioration early gives you an opportunity to get ahead of serious problems through early intervention. Taking a more prevention-based approach to roof maintenance and repairs can add years to the lifespan of your roof and secure your entire home against more extensive damage.

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Prompt Service

Loudoun Valley Roofing responds to your roofing emergency within 24 hours under most circumstances.

Reliable Estimates

Our family-owned business has a vested interest in preserving the trust of local homeowners and builders through honest, firm estimates.

Guaranteed Repairs

We offer a one-year guarantee on roofing repairs and stand behind our high-quality work.
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Early warning signs that your roof could use some TLC

You can get a jump on roof repairs and reduce the long-term damage and costs by looking for the first symptoms of damage:

  • missing shingles
  • curling shingles
  • splitting shingles
  • loose shingles
  • leaks
  • missing roofing materials, such as flashing and pipe collars
  • dry rotting and cracking roofing materials
  • rusted metal fixtures, such flashing and pipe collars
  • interior paint discoloration
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How a little roof damage leads to big problems

One loose shingle is easily missed in a quick roof inspection. Over time, that lone shingle will be loosened and lifted by wind. Each time this happens, your home’s roof deck is exposed to the elements and the watertight seal formed by a monolithic roof surface is compromised. This tiny chink in your home’s armor allows rain to permeate your roof deck, creating leaks and taking years off the lifespan of your roof.

Roof lead damage repair

The next best time to repair your roof is today

Call Loudoun Valley Roofing to get a thorough inspection to determine the state of your roof. We’ll provide you with photographic evidence of trouble areas so you can make an informed decision about roof repairs and renovations. We guarantee our repairs up to one year as per normal industry practice.

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What to expect when you call Loudoun Valley Roofing for a roof repair

  1. A friendly receptionist in our home office here in Loudoun Valley will ask you a few questions to assess your roofing emergency. For most common roofing repairs, she’ll recommend the standard flat rate roof repair service.
  2. We’ll schedule the repair service and reserve your time slot using a credit card.
  3. When the repair is completed, we’ll process your payment and send you a report of the work we’ve done, including photographs.

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your recommendation of Loudoun Valley Roofing. They were very responsive, courteous and professional. Of the 4-5 contractors I called, they were the only ones who could even schedule a visit this week to do an estimate. As things worked out they felt confident that they could do the initial evaluation using photos I had taken after last Saturday’s rain. I emailed them to Heather, and she got back to me within an hour with an estimate. Their first and only on site visit to my home was this past Thursday and within an hour the technician had found the leak, identified another potential problem, fixed both and inspected the entire roof.

Toya and Miller

Loudoun Valley Roofing