Commercial Roofing Services Virginia

Residential Housing Builders and Multi-Family

We currently supply high quality commercial roofing services for:

  • Pulte Homes – 1984 to present
  • Van Metre Homes – 1998 to present
  • Beazer Homes – 2003 to present
  • DRHorton Homes – 2003 to present

We regret the loss of both Richmond American Homes(1988-2008) and Centex Homes(1992 to 2008) due to the price pressure of this recession. Nothing lasts forever and we regret more the loss of the personal relationships built up through all the years. I am sure they will still provide a good reference for our company.

We are well acquainted with builder needs and offer the complete package. While we are not NAHQ certified*, we have long followed the principles of the program and have a comprehensive before, during and after inspection program. We try to take our job away from your supervisors. In the current environment, we know that you will agree how important this is. Our men all have camera phones and we can bring a problem down to you on the ground or send on to your office.

Flat Roofing

We are your company for up to +-100 squares. At 200 we are still comfortable. We will, after reviewing jobsite scope and conditions, tackle much larger jobs. We do not do anything we cannot do well.

OSHA and Safety

We run a comprehensive safety program at this company. All safety equipment is company supplied. Our low experience mod verifies this, but the simple fact is that I care about my employees. Having been to the hospital with every single significant injury, I administer the program myself.—Matt Posey, owner

*The NAHQ Program is basically a plan of business organization that promotes consistent results, uniform guidelines and work expectations are established and trained. Then an inspection program verifies the result.

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Commercial Roofing

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